Everybody wants to hear good news. It gives people a lift and helps generate a feelgood factor....and in business, thats priceless.

The News Factory gives you the perfect platform for sharing your news. Provide The News Factory with your latest business details and we can transform them into a vibrant TV news programme complete with presenters, TV set and on-screen graphics. Its simple, effective and affordable.

The News Factory is the perfect way to showcase your business reports, events, recruitment drives, the latest industry and trade news and much more. Its also a great way to highlight your corporate and social responsibility news, which is now seen as an essential part of any forward thinking organisation.

A professionally filmed, scripted, presented and edited video, ready to publish on your own company website, social networking site or one the popular video hosting sites such as You Tube or Vimeo. And dont forget, videos can help boost your ranking in search engines! You can even email your news programme via a hyperlink, so keeping your staff and customers in the loop is as simple as clicking send.

The cost of producing your own regular news programme is probably less than a feature advert in the local press....and, as a single programme can be available for weeks or months at a time, you could argue that its a much better investment.